MSBK series round 1 2015

MSBK series round 1 2015

The first round of MSS series 2015 is over!!!

Here are the results.

Superbike Race 1 – #2 (Rajini #67)
Superbike Race 2 – #1 (Rajini #67)
Superstock Race 1 – #5 (Jamal #59)
Open 250 Race 1 – #5 (Ammar #79)
Open 250 Race 2 – #2 (Azroy #20)

It was an amazing first round, given that we have a few new riders this year. With some help of our resident racer(Keith Chia) & the pit-crew. They performed beautifully bringing back 5 throphies in the first round, without any major crashes.

The 250 open series, the riders had good weather,in both the practice & races. The performance of both our 250 open riders were impeccable (Ammar & Azroy), still bringing back 2 thropies even with one minor crash.

In the superbike race, we weren’t so lucky as it started pouring in the first round. Causing it to be a nail biting race, our new rider (Rajini) on the ZX10r superbike managed to keep his composure and pull out a win for the first round and another podium in the second with 2nd place.

There was a mini panic in the pits as we had to change to wet tyres. A shot of our foreman changing tires, and Rajini covering ground like lightning itself. For the superstock series, things were a little different from last year as we only have 1 entry (Jamal).

Being the only one without a buddy and maybe feeling a little lonely? He still managed a trophie at the end of the day with sunny weather throughout. All in all, it was an amazing weekend. Bringing back a total of 5 trophies, I’d personally say we did beautifully in this 1st round of MSS. With the sights, sounds, smells and thrills. We are planning to bring back shinier trophies in the coming Round 2 of MSS 2015. So watch out for us, we will be back even stronger than before.

Congratulations to all Racers & also a big Thanks to our Sponsors for the support :

Kawasaki Motors Malaysia, Kit Full Throttle (R&G), Lightech, SPEEDANGLE, Brisk Racing Plug

Motorparts Asia, Galfer, Nitron, SC Project, MotorWorld.

Also Special Thanks to Mr.Jeffrey Lim (Kawasaki) & Izhan Fariz (Ninja 250)

For their support and a 100% commitment for us to stand on the podium

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